HVAC systems abbreviated for heating, ventilating and air conditioning. It consists of air conditioners to the large appliances used in the industries. Its primary use is to control the thermal part of the place and to make indoors more comfortable. It has been developed on the principle of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and heat transfer. You must have noticed big boxes on the top of skyscrapers and buildings. These are essentially HVAC system. They are also deployed in the places where it is necessary to control the environmental factors like humidity and air and to keep them at certain levels.

For everyone, the half of their energy consumption is spent on either heating or cooling. And that is why it is very necessary to choose a proper HVAC system that can also be economical to them.

If you are living in a hot or cold atmosphere than you might just want to spend your money on a single HVAC system that provides you only heating or cooling. Although this will be inexpensive it will be inefficient as well. Because even in the case where they are not needed they will be working.

Other variations of HVAC provides the option of cutting fan speed. This helps with decreasing the use of power. But when you compare this with the multi-stage systems, they are ineffective. Also, in the long run, they are very expensive. Just because the system is advanced doesn’t mean it will be good.

Along with cooling and heating, HVAC can also be built to control humidity. Thus humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be used as components in HVAC. This will be helpful for people living in the dry or tropical area. Some may still prefer to use humidifiers and dehumidifiers as a separate entity because this will be easier for them as they don’t need to turn on or off the air conditioners attached with HVAC systems.

Heating systems

Heating systems are of two different types. One of them uses the furnace to burn the material for providing heat and other use boilers that heat water for steam radiators. Normally natural gas is used in furnaces while in boilers gas or oil is used.

Cooling systems

This comes in many forms. From massive boxes to window sized air conditioners. Installation of air conditioners is the main part because the exterior and interior components need to be properly installed. Compared to the heating system they are comparatively inexpensive. In a dry climate, evaporative coolers are a good option. They draw the air from outside and pass it through water-saturated pads, which pushes clean and moist air into the living room. This air displaces the hot air in the room and makes the room cooler.