Importance of HVAC system:
HVAC system is really essential to the building. And the whole building can become inhabitable if the
system gets faulty. So, it is important to maintain the system to avoid long-term problems. There are a
lot of tips for building owners to take care of the HVAC system. The best advice is to ask the expert
technicians to keep visiting and checking the system at least after a month or so. The regular checkup by
an expert technician can save your system from a lot of problems and extend its life as well.

Repair vs Replacement?
A common question asked by many building supervisors is that whether they should go for the repair of
the air conditioning system of complete replacement after getting a fault. There is no simple answer to
that question and it depends on many factors as well. In this article, we would try to cover all those
points. But we recommend you to leave the final decision on the expert and take this content as a
source of help.

1: Age of air conditioner:
Age of air conditioner is a determining factor in this decision. To a certain age, you can go for the
repair but after that age, going for repair is like wasting your money. It is recommended to replace if
the air conditioner has completed its life of more than 10-15 years.

2: Age of furnace:
The age of furnace is also important in taking the decision. Just like air-conditioner, to a certain age it is
good to go for repair but if the furnace has completed nearly 10-15 years of life, then it is better to
choose replacement option to avoid the hassle.

3: Monitor the trend in your utility bills:
Keep a check on the utility bills. They are a good way to check the efficiency and performance of the
system. If the system is not in good form and demanding replacement, then you would surely notice a
lot of spike in the utility bills. So, keep checking a trend in your energy bills and if they start spiking
then it is a sign of a poorly functioning system which needs more than a repair.

4: Indoor comfort:
The basic purpose of the HVAC system is to maintain the indoor comfort. If the indoor comfort is not
up to that standard where it used to be then it is a sign of a poorly functioning system. If the problem
persists for a long time then the system is giving a sign that it needs replacement.

5: Worn electrical contacts:
Keep a check on the electrical contacts. There are almost three electrical contacts in every HVAC
system and they are supplying the required power to the motors. If the contacts are worn out then you
can ask the technician to just replace them to get rid of the problem. There is no big-scale replacement
required in that case.

We highly recommend you to contact a professional HVAC system technician to get an advice about
this decision as it is affected by many other factors as well.


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